Friday, March 28, 2008


End Product... ! Burp...
P1010007 (2)

Where we started...
4 ravenous stomachs... 4 fish... one each.. CANNOT share..!

P1010002 (2)

The place : Lan Je in Rawang... Amazingly fresh gorgeous talapia... cooked to perfection.
There's no other way to eat it...
Every order is ONE fish per person...


Directions below..

P1000998 (2)

MSG levels :nil
Price : cheap!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Jade dimsum


We love dimsum! A relatively affordable place close to work, we like to go is Jade Village, in Kota Damansara.

It's clean, fast and not so expensive...

fluffy BAOs...

crispy prawn wantan...

greasy 'loh mai kai'...

even greasier carrot cake...

And oh.. apart from ceiling fans, they also have these heavy duty fans which can blast you to kingdom come.. so u need not worry about feeling the afternoon heat while you eat...


Food: 5/10
MSG levels : high side

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Jaya Noodle House at JAYA 1

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This is the god of noodles... (sorta.. erm.. ok, not really..)


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This is Uncle Lai...! (and daughter) I know him better as my fellow gym mate.. the really fit and cool guy who works out almost everyday of the week (and man... at 66, he sure has the physic to prove it !)...

but.. lil did i know that apart from fitness buff... he is also founder and head chef of Jaya Noodle House! They used to be in Jaya (sec 14) ... and they have now relocated to Jaya 1.

We paid him a visit, to say HI.. and to eat his food .. of course!

What can I say... still the same mouth watering "siew-bak" that I know... still the same amazing "tong-fun" with loadsa 'wok-hei'.... nothing has changed much... maybe just the location .. ;)

we also had roasted duck, charsiew and curry laksa...

Very, very good.. much better than the duck at DUCKING.. if u ask me..

We left satiated and complete.

MSG levels :low

Address : Jaya 1, C-3-1, Jalan 13/6, Section 13, PJ.

mizu ttdi


TTDI plaza... so icy.. so modern.. so cyber!
The last time we were here, I didn't have my point and shoot... so this time i was determined to capture my dinner on film.. haha...

a long day at work, had us reaching gleefully for the sake... ;P

enter sashimi.. in its purest, raw-est, unadulterated form...

what really got me intrigued was this...


at the top, right hand corner sat this white, material that looked liked squid, tasted like some form of squid... but was WAY sweeter and whilst chewy, less tough than your regular octopus... hmmm... what is that??!

Well... THAT... comes from... THIS!!!
So says our incredibly friendly and helpful waitress.... She dashed off and promptly produced the un-cut form of the tsubugai (shell fish)... just to show us the starting material. .. how cute and helpful is that?! very cool waitress;)

The yellowtail carpaccio... yum-yum...

These people really know how to serve their food in order of 'taste-intensity'... we had the raw stuff before the stronger tasting, more gamey dishes.. So clever, these people...
This is the foie gras with radish... tres scrumplitious !

What else did they have up their sleeves... ?!

the ox cheek! ... gamey but good for those who like a real kick to their meal... strong and bold... nothing wishy-washy about this dish i tell ya... killer intense taste...

The unagi was the final dish they served and it was not bad.. i am not a big fan of unagi (too sweet) but it was good... ! We finished off the sake, and decided to call it a night.

Price : just under RM400 for 2 persons.. erm.. high !
MSG levels : moderate

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Wriggle it.. just a lil bit...

If it doesn't WOBBLE... wriggle or JIGGLE.... don't bother !!! lol

THIS jiggles alrite ...!

The place : Kepong...

You know the food is good when you start to see double...

DOUBLE fish... spicy and/or non-spicy (ginger)

Double Crab... salted egg and/or creamy.. gawd...tastebud overload... killer yum but tres, tres rich...

Finger lickn' good...


The only weird thing is that you have to serve yourself... what's up with dat ??!!

Food: 7/10
Price :RM8 per fish... dead cheap!!!!
MSG levels : low
Service: self service!

Address : Tong Kee Restaurant, No. 50, Jln 2/17 Taman Fadason, Kepong.

The Kadazan Bros

If there is one place i never EVER miss when in KK... it is THIS!!!!

And.. its located, opposite THIS ( a massive, massive massage parlor).

I wake up early... run a couple of rounds round sutera harbor... then i get down to the serious business of eating...




Why is it better than any fish head noodle i have ever eaten in KL?? because the fish is FRESH and each piece has its own distinct flavour and pungent, heady aroma (unlike the tasteless fish they tend to use in KL) ... and BONELESS (unlike the ones they use in KL) and the soup is thick, sweet and bursting with 'ham-choy' and coriander... (yes, u guessed it... unlike the ones in KL)!!!

The Kadazan brothers run the show. This place was more famously known as the Bukit Padang Fish Head Noodle restaurant.. but have since moved to the Jln Bundusan area... near Beverly Condominiums, Penampang...
This whole vicinity rocks for food i tell ya... they also have great fish paste noodles (kindly refer to my blog on Wan-Wan fish paste noodle for the whole nine yards..)

MSG levels :nil
Price: Cheap!

Warisan Square KK

We love Warisan Square we do! It has all my fav shops especially roxy …;P set amidst the bustling city centre overlooking the vibrant tourism-belt “KK Waterfront” and the idyllic islands of the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park, it is the mall where city folks and tourists flock to for something hot and hip!
Alongside all this, we heard that a cute lil Japanese restaurant had opened here... so after checking out roxy.. we traipsed down to Yoshimi to find out what all the fuss was about ;)

Hmmm... wot can we say.. pretty alright ambiance...

The cold sake went down smooth... like butter on a hot corb...

The sashimi was fresh..

The soft shell crab was a lil burnt... and the kobe beef was rather so-so... as in.. if you have to chew it .. it probably ain't (or ain't such good quality) kobe beef...

We found it rather suspicious when the owner produced an extra bottle of sake, on the house... either she really liked us (unlikely).. or we had just spent a substantial amount of dosh at her joint (likely .. and in which case.. suckers ... )

MSG levels : moderate
Price: high
Service :7/10