Sunday, October 8, 2006

Yong Tau Foo , Khuang Li Cheras

Yong Tau Foo BLOG !!! Incidentally this dish is LOW in carbs and High in protein! Good for the gals !

Khuang Li has the fluffiest, springiest (!) foo chuk i have ever tried! ok.. if you have had a fluffier FC , then u tell me!

Mmmmmmmmmm.... melt in your mouth Foo Chuk !!! Tres YUM!

Even the cleanliness is like A ONE ! they have the laminated "A" sign to prove it.

Clean, fluffy, and springy... Khuang Li.. WE LIKE!!!

MSG level : moderate
Price : Chip chip!
Cleanliness : AY ONE... !!!

SS2 nasi lemak

So, almost everyone Malaysian should have heard of the famous nasi lemak stall in ss2.. like most Malaysian's me and Cumi crave all things spicy, fat laden and flavourful.. so what's more fat laden than nasi lemak (direct translation rich in coconut i.e. FAT laden) and what's more spicy or flavourful than sambal and rendang.. ??

It was with much excitement and anticipation that we arrived at the stall bright and early.. already, a queue was forming.
It has been a while since our last nasi lemak binge..
You can imagine our disappointment as we dug into our food. The nasi this time was not at all "lemak". It lacked the aromatic coconut flavour. The sambal was not spicy enough either.
We have to say that the standard has really dropped in the ss2 nasi lemak.
hmmm... looks like me and cumi need to look for alternative nasi lemak pig-out places... and fast.. back to the drawing board... !

Food : 4/10
Cleanliness :4/10
MSG levels : moderate
Price : low

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

FATT KEE grilled chicken rice

The place is called Fatt Kee grilled chicken rice, but believe me, it's the DUCK you want to try! Cumi loves the duck and bbq pork rice, but for me (Ciki), its the pepper pig stomach soup that keeps me coming back... honestly, its sooooo peppery and sweet and yet not "porky-smelly" that it brings tears to my eyes (literally - am not sure if they are tears of joy, or tears caused by the pepper .. haha). For those who like their pig stomach soup with an extra peppery kick, look no further. This is it.Also, when I say that this is the place one dreams about, and wakes up in cold sweat over, only to have the insatiable sensation pacified by legging it down to Fatt Kee and stuffing one's face with the siew ngap(roast duck) siew yok (bbq roast pork) fan (rice), i really mean this is THE place one dreams about.. i kid u not .The duck is tender, juicy and sweet with no gamey smell, and the bbq roast pork is crispy and succulent. Be sure to ask for the portion that is half-fat-half-lean, as this is the best part. Just tell the duck man, "UNCLE, Ngor Yew Poon Fei Sau, Em Koi Sai !!!!" The meal is also rather affordable, unlike the other 'rip-off' duck rice place in Balakong (kindly refer to past blog on duck rice in Balakong) . At Fatt Kee, 2 persons portion of duck and bbq roast pork as well as 1 portion of pepper pig stomach soup, and 2 drinks will come up to a mere RM18.50

What bliss! What joy! What a steal i say...

Since I do not believe in spoon feeding my readers, and that most of the fun of food hunting lies in looking, and getting loss and looking, and getting loss.. etc etc... I will only say that Fatt Kee's is somewhere on Jalan Pudu, near the Pudu shopping centre/supermarket:)

Location : Pudu

Food : 8/10

Ambiance :3/10

Cleanliness :6/10 (aiyo.. roadside coffee shop la.. how to give a higher score? haha)

MSG level : minimal to nil

Sunday, July 9, 2006

Why Did the Chicken Cross the street...

To get to Tim Kee !!!

Tim Kee Chicken Rice , Cheras has got to be one of our all time favourite chicken rice stalls.

The food is delicious, the staff are friendly and above all hygienic. Check out the disposable gloves they use for chopping !

The other great thing about Tim Kee is the incredible "chap fan" (mixed rice) spread.. one of my favourites is the "Choy Kiok" (pickled vegetables) - it is spicy, sour and tangy... mmmmmmm, a real appetite stimulator to start of lunch with :)

Here is our rating :

Food : 7/10
Ambiance :5/10
Cleanliness : 8/10
Staff : 7/10
Price : 7/10

MSG Level : minimal to nil

Friday, July 7, 2006

Olive Ristorante, Plaza Damas

CUMI : One particular weekend we visited Plaza Damas @Sri Hartamas.

There isn't really much about that location. There used to be a lot of unique restaurants opening there when they first opened but recently, they have all closed shop. I guess there just isn't enough traffic as estimated by the budding entrepreneurs to keep their restaurants going.
After walking around aimlessly, we decided for the Olive Restaurant located at the commercial shops facing one of the mall entrances at the top level.

CUMI : One particular weekend we visited Plaza Damas @Sri Hartamas. There isn't really much about that location. There used to be a lot of unique restaurants opening there when they first opened but recently, they have all closed shop. I guess there just isn't enough traffic as estimated by the budding entrepreneurs to keep their restaurants going.
After walking around aimlessly, we decided for the Olive Restaurant located at the commercial shops facing one of the mall entrances at the top level.

CIKI : It was a cosy enough restaurant with nice ambient lighting. The food was Italian. CUMI ordered the lamb cutlet, while I had the steak. We had a nice bottle of red to go with it.

Verdict : The food was cooked well and the taste was light. Both the steak and chops were cooked the way we asked. There was nothing spectacular about the way the food was prepared though. We would say it was a well cooked meal, but that's about it.

Food : 5/10
Price : Moderate (for Italian)
Ambiance : 6/10
Staff : Friendly
Comment : We would not really go back unless someone invited us or we had really no other Italian restaurant left to go (!)

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Bidor Ducked!

Every time we go white water rafting on Kampar River, or drive past Bidor, our favourite makan place is the Bidor Duck restaurant! It's in the town center (which is like one street long, so u can't miss it) and it is the most packed coffee shop you will see. It is actually 2 lots of coffee shop, where on one side, you have the main eating place and the other side sells famous Bidor snacks like the Bidor Kai-chai-peng and other snacks and biscuits.

Since getting to Bidor from KL takes a while, and since we are naturally starving by the time we get to the coffee shop, we order the works.
My absolute favourite is the fish ball and yam balls(with pork stuffing called "Wu-kok"). This is a must for the appetizer.

Then on to the main highlight ... I, always have the duck soup wantan mee, while cumi prefers the Char Siew wantan mee. Both are equally delicious ! Portions are moderate (OK, bigger for me , but maybe small for Cumi who has a bigger appetite, haha) and really tasty. Unfortunately, eating the meal does leave us feeling thirsty after, which means that there is some MSG in the food. The duck soup is a duck drumstick in a double boiled soup. The meat is normally falling off the bone - very soft and succulent ! I totally recommend it . If you do pass by Bidor, make sure you check out the shop .

Food : 8/10
MSG level : moderate
Price : Moderate (for coffee shop food)
Cleanliness : 6/10

Wednesday, June 7, 2006

How we got ripped off in Balakong !

CIKI: This weekend we got ripped off! At the enticing advice of some food blogs we read, we headed out to New Village Taman Indah, Batu 11, Balakong, to try the legendary pan mee and suei kaw. Apparently the food is also MSG free. Well the food is msg free... and taste free as well.. ! NO TASTE! the soup was flat and lousy, had two small pieces of chicken and the suei kaw had hardly any prawn or mince meat in it. As a result, we finished only half our pan mee, paid and left for the duck rice stall we saw down the road (an old converted house).
The duck rice was great! Tasty succulent and really soft tender meat which melted in your mouth.. here is the picture to prove it..

unfortunately this, small plate of duck, for 2 people cost nearly RM 20 and so.. all in all, our lunch (pan mee plus duck) cost us nearly RM 35 for simple coffee shop food.
first and last time we eat pan mee in Balakong.. !

Corner house Pan Mee,
Jalan Indah 3/6
Taman Indah, Batu 11,
43200 Balakong, Selangor

Pan mee : 4/10

Duck: 6/10

Cleanliness :5/10

Price : On high side

MSG level : Moderate

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Bierkeller Ahoy!

CUMI: A hidden bar that has survived through the many changes at the competitive KL 'Golden Triangle'
One Sunday evening, looking for something different, i suggested to go here for dinner. We've been here for beer but never the food.
I had a dish with beef steak served with 'German' noodles and mash potatoes. The name skips my mind. It's not NZ or USA grade A steak but it tasted pretty alright. The noodles were pretty much cornflour dough. Mash potatoes were surprisingly good.

CIKI : I decided to opt for the good ole fashion dinner that as a student in the UK, we use to rustle up in a jiffy. Meatloaf, egg and mash ! Totally satisfying! Brought back memories of hearty greasy uni meals.. haha

The food was surprisingly good for an old, somewhat musty-smelling diner. I guess Bierkeller bar and diner has seen better days, but nonetheless, we could not find any fault in their food or their beer. If you are as into German beer as Cumi and I are, but not too fussy about ambiance and looking cool in a chi-chi joint, then you will love this place :)

Dessert was (yup, u guessed it)... apple strudel and ice cream... The Apple strudel was OK. The batter was not as flaky and crumbly as we would have liked. The apple lacked tanginess. The ice cream was well.. just like ice cream ! It was like a tart without tart.. haha
All in all , we recommend the main meals and the beer.

Food Main : 7/10
Food dessert : 4/10
MSG levels : Low
Beer : 8/10
Service : Fast
Ambiance : 3/10

Friday, June 2, 2006

In search of red wine mee suah !

CIKI: One of the interesting things about Chinese cuisine is that there are so many different specialties by different Chinese dialects.

Last weekend me and Cumi decided to venture into the heart of Pudu to satisfy our appetite for red wine mee suah.

We found the shop quiet easily and settled down t0 the serious business of eating.

This red wine soup mee suah is not for the faint hearted. A strong, gingery, fermented, for want of a better word, wine-ish smell assaulted our noses... Cumi decided to try the other specialty instead (faint hearted la) , the Fu Chow fish balls noodles. Not so strong smelling, compared to the mee suah. We also tried the suei-kaw which turned out to be a solid ball of meat - no prawn... pretty filling and porky tasting.

CUMI: Mee suah isn't my favourite noodle because its usually really mushy but the bowl i had was cooked just 'aight'. The noodle still retained its texture.
The red wine soup was pretty good for a person that really dislikes Chinese wine dishes. Its strong and sweet. It won't be my everyday dish but i'll order it if its my "i'd like a change of eating choice" day.
The 'sui kau' dumpling were a disappointment. Not because of its huge stuffing of meat but the lack of a unique taste. Additionally, it wasn't well made; the skin was falling apart.
Fuchow fishball + the complementing fishcakes was good and same goes with the flat rice noodles(hor fun). The cook managed to retain the noodles nice texture and their noodle supplier provided a good tasting product. For about RM4, its slightly high priced but with a lot of lacklustre fishball noodle soups around, this was good.

These guys will be moving shop soon. Just a block across the street. Not too far walking distance; near a Cantonese Methodist Church and opposite Fathima Court. Happy searching!

This is an update on the 18th of July 2007.

The photos below are of the new coffee shop in its new premises! Nice, new and clean... :)

Rating of Food:
Foo Chow Fish balls - 7/10
Kwey Teow Soup - 7/10
Suei Kaw - 4/10
Mee Suah - 4/10

MSG level - minimal

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Kickin' curry laksa - Sunway Mas

CIKI: So i found this coffee shop last week.
The curry laksa they sell there is just the way I like my curry laksa.

hot and thick.

so thick u could stand your spoon in it!

i am talking santan overload.

for just rm3.50 they sure are generous with their char siew, taufu-pok, sea-hum and chicken. The finishing touches would be the mint leaves and lime which add kick to the bowl of noodles.

be warned that while delicious, this is not the sort of Laksa you can eat more than once a week... (ok twice). Swimming in oil, but then again, most things tasty normally are.

CUMI: Since i haven't been here, Ciki brought me to this kopitiam because she claimed this curry laksa was one of the best in town. Herald as one of the pickiest eater in klang valley, i was the last mohican(her friends + colleagues gave thumbs up already) to test out this santan laden broth. So we dropped 1pm on a fine sunday afternoon and found its 'chiu pai' dish was already sold out. Aiya! but just before we could express our disappointment visually, the uncle(good businessman) was quick to suggest a 'white wantan mee' dish (literally translated from chinese). - it was basically bbq pork wantan mee drenched with a couple of spoons of rich creamy curry sauce(leftovers?) then served with the wantan soup.

Judgement time.... it was pretty damn good! fresh cooked 'home made' wantan noodles, succulent bbq pork, santan squeezed from fresh dessicated coconut and plump wantans.

Tres Tres Delicious !

MSG level: minimum
Since i didnt get to try the cook's piece de resistance (curry laksa), i will be back for another judgement day!

The place : SFS Kopitiam aka 747 kopitiam (near 'ipoh' kopitiam), Sunway Mas Commercial Center

Location : Enter Tropicana just before the toll. At the traffic light for Mutiara Service Apartments turn left. Head towards Mutiara Serv Apt, Sunway Mas is just next to it.