Wednesday, January 30, 2008

1st Yee Sang with the extended Family!

Unique seafood is one of the gaudiest, loudest seafood joints i've ever been to. It's creepy. Honest.

So weird you start to hallucinate ...

Anyway, my boss thought that it was a GREAT idea to visit this place for the company's 1st LOW SANG of the year. I can't imagine why. But he's the boss. So here we are.

My sales team members are young, energetic individuals. Very enthusiastic. I love em.

We wipe the (really lousy) YEE SANG clean. Because we are hungry (and bored)...

Being young and skinny and bottomless pits and all...

so they bring more food...

and more...

...and MORE...

..till we are stuffed on dessert...

Finally .. ready to go home...

Verdict :
Food was totally average but the company was ace... as always... :)

Food : 3/10 ( very salty and very, very mediocre)
Price : 43 for single yeesang, 63 for double (as in double the FISH)
Salt levels ; Sky high
Service :so-so... pretty slow

Sunday, January 27, 2008

SUNRISE.. wake-up... time to EAT !

THAT'S the sound of PAPER THIN, CRISPY DUCK SKIN... leaving a smoke trail.... en route to MOUTH !!!

I love Sunrise, Sea Park PJ! It's my favourite PJ duck place. (Ranks second only to the PUDU duck place (look under duck index)).

This place is ARCHAIC. Nonetheless, this place is still SOOOOOOOOOO popular with the PJ folk.. you would not believe... only 11.45am and already packed to the gills...

Gorgeous, succulent, crispy, MELT IN YOUR MOUTH DUCK. I think the thing i like most about the Sunrise Duck is that the LAYER OF FAT between the MEAT and the SKIN... is virtually...
...NON-EXISTENT! Honest .. they just CUT TO THE CHASE and give you 100% crispy skin! KILLER!
(If you don't believe me, just scroll up and take another look at the pictures! Real or not?)

Most people eat their duck this way.. .with the VEGE.. so they don't leave feeling guilty as SIN that they ate SO MUCH RED MEAT AND ANIMAL FAT in one sitting.. hahaha:D

Me... I don't really care... I am here for my SKIN fix... none of that healthy vege business thanks ... :P

Food : 7/10
Price : RM42 for whole ducky... RM21.50 for half a ducky
Service : pretty fast
MSG : nil

Friday, January 25, 2008

Mezza Notte , at midnight .

When you walk into Mezza Notte... the first word that comes to mind is OPULENT. Gilded dining rooms, garish lighting and loud colours assault the senses. If I didn't know better, i would say it was bordering on gaudy.

Nevertheless.. we've heard good, good things... about Mezza Notte, so we were looking forward to our supper.

Let's see... for a supposedly chi-chi italian restaurant.. the bread was pretty average. Nothing to shout about in taste.. so I have nothing to say about that..

The grilled lamb with mushrooms was TOUGH like you would not BELIEVE... How do i look even remotely LADY-LIKE eating this thing... I felt ABOUT as sexy and lady-like as SPARTACUS taking a lion by the teeth and wrestling it to the ground.
Not good.

Not sexy.

The baked lobster was MINISCULE ... not bad if you are Lara Flynn Boyle... or on a diet... (or Lara Flynn Boyle on a diet :P) but definitely not enough to QUELL the rage in your average strapping bloke's stomach... i tell ya...

Finally... enter PASTA.

The CRAB pasta was soggy and limp... The crab looked like it had been BATTERED TO DEATH ( PUN INTENDED!!! hahaha ) ... The person who ordered this meal was so distraught he tried to breathe some life back into his dying meal...

.. to no avail !

The meal was a disaster.

We had to cheer ourselves up by partying the night away at the MANSION... and that, we did, ... see?!!

Food : 2/10
MSG levels : low
Price : high
Party : 20/10 !!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Batu Road Pan Mee comes to Kota Damansara

Oh boy...
I am not JUST happy...

I am deliriously OVER THE MOON.. yes i am!

TODAY, when me and my colleagues went for lunch near our office, in Kota Damansara.. we saw this NEW sign.
Do you know what this means? It means that my favourite Pan Mee stall of all time has come to PJ!!!! Yes it HAS! I don't need to traverse HELL'S JAM to get to the Batu Road Pan Mee shop anymore...

OOoo... joy... bliss!

By the obvious looks of things, this Pan Mee family business has taken things to the next level. Yup!

Well.. good for them I say..! We couldn't help but notice the really cute T-shirts the staff were wearing as well... "Erm.... yah... " ,

Actually... the T-shirt was not bad...

BUT ... it was the fashion-show that knocked our socks off. It really did.

The Batu Road Pan Mee is legendary for their LOOOOOOOONG, long wait. The food takes forever.
Here, it came like in 5 minutes !!!
My colleagues were thrilled....

So... what's all the FUSS about... ? Well.. here it is .... TA-DAH!

Gorgeous, gorgeous... bootylicious pan mee... hahahaha!

OK, ok.. let me walk you through it....

Stare at your bowl of Pan mee and go .... OOOOooooooooooo... !

Break up the Egg and simultaneously add the chili paste whilst mixing consistently...

(this is the same chili paste, by the way, as in the Batu Road outlet.. it knocks your socks off... and I am saying this as the QUEEN OF CHILI and ALL THINGS HOT.. so you've been warned!)

TOSS WELL, toss repeatedly, in a semi-coma like state... until you reach NIRVANA... (kidding.. kidding... Just toss it till it looks even in colour and the egg yolk is evenly distributed)

Eat it of course ... LIKE THERE'S NO TOMORROW... ! lol :P

Don't forget the soup that goes with it!


Well.. my colleague felt that the noodle at this place was not as SPRINGY as the one at the Batu Road outlet. He also felt that the portions served here were smaller... and just a TAD less yummie.

However... ME on the other hand.... I LOVED IT!
No complaints !

Just go and try it la... you'll see :P

Food : 7/10
Service : 6/10 (new mah...)
Price : RM5 per bowl (similar to Batu Road)
MSG levels : moderate (left us a lil thirsty)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Just so-so at Just Thai

We used to love Just Thai! It used to be JUST wonderful value for money!
2 people could eat a massive set for just RM49.90. Really.

Too bad that we found the food to be JUST SO-SO this January 2008 :(

Though the PAD-THAI looked perfectly, gorgeously laid out and all...

AND... the Taugeh looked crunchy and plump...

my colleague said that the pad-thai tasted like maggie mee goreng mamak, tambah sos tomato ! eek! very bad!

After that , it was just downhill with every dish. The sotong was rubbery and weird smelling..

And the fish was like pulverised chalk in batter..

... the Money-Bags were literally empty.. i.e. HOLLOW !

The green vege was not bad.. but the served up portion was like for ONE person... very small !


Hmmm... then....

Finally... the only dish worth blogging about arrived!


Ah... the TOM-YAM at Just Thai totally KNOCKS YOUR SOCKS OFF!
IT's damn bloody HOT! And prawny.. and fishy.. and Zingy !

If nothing else.. i came for this dish!
It is tres tres yum...

supa-dupa spicy... l LOVE it :)

Dessert was fine... but I doubt i will EVER eat here again... unless I am desperate for TOM YAM that is... and even then.. I'd have to think twice.
( i.e. if I am BROKE and my friend insist on BELANJA-ing me at Just Thai.. and even then I will kick them for being so tasteless and mean to me.. ! hahaha!)

Oh... and the icing on the cake, by the way....

what we realised 3 hours later, after that meal, was that we were SUPER DUPER thirsty!
Too much MSG.. i tell ya... :(

Food : 2/10
Portions : 2/10
MSG levels : SKY high!
Price : average