Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Best Bakuteh & Martini in KL?

So.. where is the best Bakuteh in KL?


We personally have the highest regard for BKT Yik See Ho. This place is situated in the vicinity of the Pudu Wet Market and is a hot favourite amongst KL-lites. Some may beg to differ or have their own favourites but for now, C&C bring their visitors, here. Our friends were staying at the Nikko hotel which made this place a convenient stop for dinner before the night's party session began.

Bakuteh pudu_Frangi_Delucca2
Where else can you see the butchers hacking away at the pig carcass (corner alleyway), in preparation for tomorrows rations, from where you sit and eat along the 5 foot way.

Grim? Gross? Well, this is BKT, Pudu style!

Bakuteh pudu_Frangi_Delucca1
Not only that, all the critters of the night come out to play as well, as you sit and eat.
Thank God our friends are not squeamish, because that's a huge blur of a rat you see there, on the bottom right corner of this collage.


The food was great. Being streetwise and all, we decided against the claypot (Why pay a premium for the same stuff in bowls - complete bollocks that it taste better in the claypot.. pfft..)

Once again the intestine, stomach, wobbly-trotters and the soft bone were big hits. The soup was thick, meaty yet herbal, in the right proportions.

after dinner... drinks.


"Satu Lagi", "Stubborn Blonde", "Burning Desire", "Perfect Manhattan".. are not nicknames for people.. they are names of some of the greatest cocktails in KL ...

which begs the question - where can you find the dirtiest martini in town...

Recently Updated6
Frangipani lah.. that's where!

Bakuteh pudu_Frangi_Delucca
The dirtiest, meanest.. most yummiest martinis ALL night long, courtesy of the super slick bartender Ash!

If you haven't already guessed it, that's my favourite martini. The dirty martini.
(Gives you a dirty buzz that lasts till.. erm, the next martini.)

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Cool vibes and choons spun out by DJs the Funkie Junkie and Ray Soo.

Disco.. disco duck !
Happy Merdeka:)


thule a.k.a leo said...

I'm trying to locate a well hidden BKT place in Klang with to-die-for herbal soup! Tried that in 2003 after my friend brought me there.. but has since lost contact with him!

Nic (KHKL) said...

hey, something's missing! bkt (again) after clubbing..haha! yeah, pudu is a really solid alternative to klang when it comes to bkt, no doubt. jalan raja laut also, me thinks.

qwazymonkey said...

That's like the ultimate babitarian merdeka. Pork & booze. Happy belated merdeka

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wahlau eh..u sure its all pork inside the pot ar??

J said...

1) My fave is the Frangipanties! :) :)


Sean said...

eeeep, tikus! was gonna check out this place until i saw that pic!
yeah, i'm a scaredy-cat... :D

Chaokar said...

smart rodents!
they surely knew where to get all those good food.

-eiling- said...

so why is it called a dirty martini? what's in there?

550ml jar of faith said...

Ooh I think it's a nice balanced Welcome to KL package - you show them the awesome in the squalid, and then showcase the dirty in the pretty! Good one!

Brother B said...

The BKT palce looked really dirty but then the martini was dirtier.
Love the pictures...cool people esp the one standing next to that

J2Kfm said...

dirty BKT, dirty martinis.
cant get any better than this. ;)

served in bowls somehow look ... normal ma. though Klang kakis claim the original BKT was served in bowls.

sc said...

woah, loads of meat you have there! hehe and huge rats are common sight at most of the crowded makan places. oh well, as long as the food's good..

backStreetGluttons said...

bkt & martini ? that one only can come from masalle one. But the bkt line up is fantastic . da bare back and flowing silky near table one in da night also gorgeous.

the rat tops them all ...

CUMI & CIKI said...

is it the one under the bridge?!

only u eat like dat la nic:P


than wot? rat's tails and feet?! heh

yar man, i thot they would freak out but they were pretty calm! phew!

better safe than sorry la rite?!

i guess .. LOL

because it gives u a dirty rush! haha

CUMI & CIKI said...

wow! i never thot of it that way! good one;)

that's right.. ! the dirtier the better.. (martini)

yar, cosmetics only mah.. still the same taste..!

totally agree

so u like the rat eh..? LOL