Monday, November 2, 2009

Saw VI (2009) - Movie

I don't care if people think that the whole SAW franchise thing is lame or that the movie is stupid. I love SAW! As far as I am concerned, the gore, the B-grade acting (and B grade actresses with big breasts e.g. Jigsaw's wife) , the insane flashbacks and twists in plots till I don't know which way is front or back, can just keep rocking my world .. bring it on!


Sean said...

wah, so fast the dvd came out already ar? this just opened in the u.s. two weekends ago. i confess i've watched saw I-V too, even though i fast-forward through the horrific parts. the twists and flashbacks seemed ingenious at first but are getting ludicrous now..

J said...

At least you have your dahling to hold on to and help keep the monsters away at night, after the show is over. If I watch horror movies, I'll just end up an insomniac. Haha...

Paprika said...

I love tacky horrors too but I've given up on the Saw franchise after the third one. The first one was still the best!

CUMI & CIKI said...

Sean, j, paps:
So apt for halloween. Cumi sez, the more b grade, the more ciki likes it.. Haha.. I hv b-grade taste... so waT? The actors n actresses try harder.. and look like it! Hehe

Tummythoz said...

Haha. Often such movies have comedic scenes. Well maybe not meant to be funny but still can make me go haha!

qwazymonkey said...

You may have a taste for B-grade movies. But you'll always be on my A-List. LOL

taufulou said...

malaysia gonna play this meh?yeah..i love their movie 2~

J said...

The ultimate B-grade style horror movie (to me) is still Braindead!
(by Peter Jackson in his pre-LOTR days)

Sumatran devil rat monkeys, zombies, kung fu, romance, killer intestines, and mucho mucho gore! :) :) What more can you ask for, right?
(If I can find the dvd, we should all watch it sometime...)

CUMI & CIKI said...

yar man.. i also always LOL at the stupid parts..!

awww.. muaks!

they should.. at least DVD will arrive soon rite?

yes, faster invite:P