Saturday, February 16, 2008

Nasi Kandar Kayu Kota Damansara


Don't the staff look GRAND??? ....

Nasi Kandar Kayu managing director Sirajudin Y. Mohd Maidin is a TRUE trendsetter!

He was the pioneer in setting up a large, modernised, ultra-bright nasi kandar outlet with outdoor dining in Bukit Jambul, Penang, in 2000.

Apparently Mr. Sarajudin's father, started his nasi kandar business on Penang island in the 1950s, as a roadside stall in Macalister Road. The 1st Nasi Kandar restaurant was birth in 1974, and soon after they moved to Petaling Jaya (lucky us :D)

To date, he has realised yet another dream of his, to take the franchise abroad. Nasi Kandar Kayu Melbourne opened about 2 years ago! How cool is that ?!

Anyway, here is the NEW outlet in Kota Damansara... it really blows your mind how this restaurant franchise has up-ed the stakes in the business...

And as if gorgeous, ultra-bright, ultra-clean, airy working conditions are not enough....

The "executive suite" UPSTAIRS is amazing.... gilded staircases and marble lifts are just the tip of the iceberg...

A MASSIVE CHANDELIER hangs above the private room at Kayu Nasi Kandar!
Erm.. not one .. not two... but SIX(!)plasma TVs offer non-stop entertainment whilst you eat... There is even an exclusive KAYU CHANNEL which tells you what's on the menu for the day! It's pretty darn impressive if you ask me...

Service is great. They wheel up your order on a cute lil cart... and we get down to the business of stuffing our faces!

Good food. Pretty satiated.

All in all, our meal for 4, cost us RM72. Approximately RM18 per head... not cheap.. but certainly not bad, considering it's 5-star nasi kandar we are paying for.. you think? ;)

Food: 6/10
MSG levels: moderate
Fat/oil content:tres tres high!
Photos : courtesy of N73 (left camera at home)

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