Monday, April 7, 2008

Late Night Suppa

Late night Makan! Yay! Pudu rocks for food... and THIS is one of my all time favourite places for a good, (cheap), late night supper.

The food is fantastic. The place is always packed. The people jostle to pile their plates to the HILT !

When I ask the "Fei lo" what is the name of his shop.. he says haughtily.. " No name! I got no time to talk.. very busy la".. and then he bustles off to some other table !

So what do we like at this "NAMELESS", ridiculously packed stall on Pudu...

The Yong tau Foo is out of this world. For only 70cents, it's not your run of the mill, fish paste YTF. It's solid chunk of PORK yong tau foo! Killer thick - killer sweet. So huge u can't get your mouth around it (ok, rather, I can't.. hah ). The red bean tong-sui is great .. not overboiled, and you can still taste the 'bean' in the red bean. not just sugar water.

Anyway, the menu is extensive ranging from fried noodles to curry to deep fried chicken and fish... to all kinds of delightfully oily, porky dishes... They also have porridge. Good LORD.. how do they finish all this food, starting at such a late hour as well..

Well, they DO. Everynight. Without fail, all the food's gone.
Howz about that?

Location : Pudu, just further along from RHB Bank on Jalan Seladang.
Price : No matter how u pile your plate up, it never crosses RM4 per plate! Damn cheap ;P
MSG levels : nil (with so much pork meat/ fat, who needs MSG?!)


Julian Si said...

Wow... yummmmmmmm! Nice night photography. Slurp!

Nic (KHKL) said...

fei lo or not, yong tao fu with pork is fantastic....savoury and sweet, soft yet firm....wah, shiok!!! haha!

Big Boys Oven said...

yours discovery is so shiok and I also found one chinese stall that sells Nasi Lemak which is good but not cheap!

CUMI & CIKI said...

big boy oven .. where la.. tell faster ;) lol