Wednesday, April 16, 2008

the very acceptable alternative to French champagne

I am looking at the front door... waiting for something magical to happen...

Where is that man...

He hasn't forgotten has he...

hmmm... so here i am.. all by my lonesome self... killing time.. maybe i should pick out a wine...




a good year? a bad year? ... an in between year? ... who knows...

If he keeps me waiting any longer I will select a bottle of
Ch√Ęteau Margaux 1787...:P


Ah.. he arrives! We start off with the sangria... ! very nice!



And dinner would not be complete without the Cava. A toast, in Spain, is practically always drunk with Cava, the Spanish sparkling wine made by the champagne method. This is especially true when the New Year is brought in with the twelve grapes swallowed in time to the chimes of the clock in the town square or in the Puerta del Sol, Madrid.
Cava, is a very acceptable alternative to French champagne and, it should be said, much better value for money. Almost all cava is produced in Catalonia, especially the Penedes region, although eight different provinces are included in the production area.

Now that we are sufficiently primed for dinner... let the TAPAS begin... !

DSC05954 DSC05948
DSC05945 DSC05947
What can i say...

Simplicity at its finest. A sip of red. Sliced bread. Black olives. A prawn shell or two. A bit of this here and there, left us open to each crafted, small, divine bites of sweet, salty and meaty.

Feel the love my friends... :P


Finally .. almost closing time... but not before we try their snails...

Don't worry baby.. you will soon have a new home... (burp!)

A great night... closing time... somewhere in the back of my head.. a tune plays in loops..

and in my mind's eye... i see all the happy, satiated ppl.. going out to the places they will be from.. (oh.. no wonder la, the tune's so familiar..'Closing Time' is one of my all time fav tracks from Semisonic... and now , i leave you to ponder the lyrics :))




Closing Time by Semisonic
Closing time
Open all the doors and let you out into the world
Closing time
Turn all of the lights on over every boy and every girl
Closing time
One last call for alcohol so finish your whiskey or beer
Closing time
You don't have to go home but you can't stay here

"I know who I want to take me home

I know who I want to take me home

I know who I want to take me home"

Closing time
Time for you to go out to the places you will be from...
Closing time
This room won't be open till your brothers or your sisters come
So gather up your jackets, move it to the exits
I hope you have found a friend
Closing time
Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end...

"I know who I want to take me home

I know who I want to take me home

I know who I want to take me home

Take me home"






JingFei said...

oohhhh how dare ur date b late..haha..

i m lookin at ur 3rd pic..the row of wines..reminded me of the wine i had that nite..

the 1st on ur left..sassi..i had the 2004 1..then the 2nd 1..i had the 2001...mind blowing wines i tell u..

Jason said...

Cava! Lurve the sangria ^^

Nic (KHKL) said...

the opening was beautiful..complete with those descriptive that semisonic song...with clattering sounds of wine glasses as accompaniment, perhaps? lovely...

Ming Suan said...

How is it possible that you can eat as much as you seem to but stay so slim????? Grrr.... not fair. Cava is one of my favourite places for special ocassions when I am home..

CUMI & CIKI said...

jingfei: yes, how dare he?! haha

jason: me2

nic: cheers! I looooove that track fm semisonic.. it's so wistful.. so cool... ;P

mingsuan: workout, run, workout! no shortcuts man.. when u eat lk i do.. teehee!