Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Greasy Tasty vs Oilfree Bland

So when readers were asked... If they had to PICK ONE option for the food they preferred... which would it be.. ?

Greasy and Tasty.... OR

Oil free and Bland....





Hmmmm.. if you think about it ... these are worrying statistics.. because, not only is "GREASY TASTY" bad for the heart...

It may also mean...


ONE might end up looking like .. THIS....

As opposed to ... THIS !

Eek! Lucky for us Asians... we seem to have high metabolic rates... so... we may be spared for now.. (for the very short now... go figure... :P)

Please look out for NEW POLL... Would you eat Beef TONGUE?? Yes or No... cast your vote :P

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Gyuniku Beef Noodle House Desa Sri Hartamas

DSC04820 If you are looking for Beef Noodles set in a comfortable atmosphere, and don't mind paying more for your meal, than at the coffee shops (or road side stalls), then Gyuniku Beef Noodle House will suit you just fine :)

The place is cozy and really cute! They even have this "pseudo-volcanic" stone floor concept going on... pretty cool ...

Presenting, my favourite dish at this restaurant (which you will not get at your regular roadside beef noodle stall).... BEEF TONGUE!!! Ooooo... soft and sweet and oozing with juice and flavour! This is the bomb! Don't forget to order this as a side dish.

And then... as if that's not enough... enter the beef brisket and TENDON noodles..! Man ... just look at the tendon! It's soft and cartilagous and magnificent. Melts in your mouth like butter over a flame.. killer! RM8.00 for this baby.

The Beef Noodle straight up is not bad too. The Beef strips are obviously harder, and less melt-in-your-mouth than the tongue or tendon. This bowl costs RM8.00 as well.


And finally, the claypot brisket and tendon... similar to the bowl of brisket tendon but the claypot sauce is FAR more thick and sweet. RM9.50 for this beauty and it comes with dry noodles!


One other thing to note, the people at this Noodle House really take their filtration seriously i tell ya. I mean look at this... You don't need to worry about getting amoeba poisoning here!

Tendon : 8/10
Price: high end compared to stall food
Service: good
MSG levels : moderate

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Juicy Loaf !

What can i say... sometimes i wish i LIVED here! I mean, Juicy is just so sunshiny-happy.. that nothing bad could ever happen here! haha... (sounds like b'fast at tiffany's or not?!)


Owned by the Liz Claiborne fashion company, Juicy is famous for their terrycloth and velour tracksuits.

PINK reindeer wall deco... girls you've got to love it! But what I love most about Juicy are their KILLER ATTITUDE slogans !!!!

If you don't believe me, check out the stores... slogans that often adorn Juicy apparel, such as

"For Nice Girls Who Like Stuff"
"Smells Like Couture"
"Viva la Juicy"
"Her Royal Juicyness"
"Wake up and smell the Couture",
" The Joy Only Bling Can Bring",
"Peace, Love, and Juicy"
"Have a Juicy Day",
"Dude, Where's my Couture?"... AND... my ALL time FAVOURITE...

"Go Couture Yourself" !!! (killer or not?!)

Anaway, amazing amazing apparel... and tracksuits in every shade of the rainbow! What's more, i walked right into a 30-70% sale discount ! Well chuffed i tell ya!

Anyway, I always wanted a pink tracksuit with some BLING for comfort(and glamour!) especially on "red eye" flights, esp to the US of A... so this was wot i bought... gorgeous rite ??! ( You can't really see it in the foto, but the numbering is totally BLING;P)


Mmmm... ok ok.. i digress.. so back to the food blog...

Today, we had lunch at ...

THE Oaf! .. oops.. i mean .. the LOAF!

The Loaf, a bakery cum restaurant more famously known as Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s joint venture with Chef Yukichi Matsubara, that offers healthy refined Japanese style breads as well as savouries and pastries. The restaurant is located upstairs of the bakery and is supposedly pretty good.


Ok, so the place looked cool enough.. had all the hallmarks of a contemporary sassy dining joint..
But what about the food... ?



The smoked salmon scallop salad was fantastic! Soft, luscious, zesty and rounded aromas and textures assaulted our tastebuds...
An extremely effective starter.. to get you hankering for more, if you ask me.. ahem..


The Blue Tuna Carpaccio was executed to perfection. The coriander and sweet tuna explosions with every bite, sent goose bumps down our spine!

Could the Loaf live up to all that talk about town, i wonder.. we waited with bated breath for the main course...


As we were both in DIRE need of a PASTA fix, we both decided to order the Alio Alio Prawn Spaggheti.

Where it is! They were generous with the prawns and the pasta was cooked with enough resistance to the tooth. Hmmm.. i was surprised.. I was half expecting to be totally let down, as with most "ALL SHOW NO GO" restaurants .... I was wrong.. the pasta was.. tres tres exquizite... :)

Well, a pretty satisfactory meal I would say... we had just enough time to RECOUP.. before the next spat of shopping... ah.. this is the life ;P

Price: high side
Service: 6/10
MSG levels : nil


You will need to pay close attention to this blog...

Are you?

OK.. what you will soon see.. are photos of my Favouritest most BESTEST fried chicken place in the world!

It only opens at 2.30pm..!

And the uncle fries and fries in his boiling wok...

Until everything HABIS!

It's so HARDCORE it's unbelievable!

The reason it only opens at 2.30pm is to give the other Hawkers in that coffee shop a chance to sell their food.. can you imagine how popular this "uncle fried chicken" is??!!

Anyway, say no more...

PRESENTING... fried chicken.. my heart.. my love... my all..



Dash of seasoning and salt. Not over-powering, not too salty... just enough flavour to bring out the sweetness of the chicken.

The skin is thin and crisp. Not hard.

I just died and went to heaven.

Chicken :9/10

Price: rm3.50 for drumstick, rm3.00 for breast, rm2.50 for wing!

Address. Coffee Shop Wong Soon Kee, Subang Jaya 14/1, facing the housing area ( across from commercial centre and collages)

Nasi Melayu @ Bawang Merah Subang

Bawang Merah is this cute lil cafe in Subang (opposite SJMC/Sheraton Subang) which serves Malay Food in the comfort of air-conditioning and nice deco!

The people who eat here are mainly the folks who work across the street ... and some other subang folk.

I had the Soto Ayam.. which was a BIG mistake. It was sooooo small, with just a few STRANDS of chicken, and it cost RM4 bucks!! Eek.. never again... Later, i was told that it's the nasi melayu you should eat... aiiya.. now only u say!
DSC04722 DSC04724

Very HOT and fresh chili.. I LIKE! 3 types to be exact!


VIOLA! The Nasi Melayu! Very yummie.. the beef rendang is gorgeous - meat is well marinated with just enough cartilage and resistance.. The flesh just falls off the bone of the chicken! The pucuk paku is rich, aromatic and succulent..

NOT CHEAP! Cafe style.. waddaya expect :)

Food: 6/10

Service : self service!

Price : for what it is, price is on the high side

MSG levels : nil

Salivate in Sentul!

We recently had Chinese in this hidden place in Sentul! Ok, so maybe its not so hidden but if you are as bad with directions as moi.. HAVE NO FEAR! help is here! haha...
Here's the map for Makanan Laut Lau Heong Sentul!


This place is situated opposite some flats and is so packed, it's usually spilling out onto the streets..

DSC04679 DSC04677

Wow... we had to wait to get a seat!

DSC04683 DSC04681
The guy who took our order was really animated and funny.. i just had to take his foto !!

OK, so here is .... THE FART MONSTER! This is not my favourite dish .. for obvious reasons... you eat it.. and it will PONG for days!!! eeek! Your colleagues will KILL you for pee-ing and stinking up the LOO. However, i must admit that they did this
"Petai-Hay-bee" dish rather well...

( i had one small taste.. dats it..:P)


Ah.. on to milder things.. the Vege !


Delicious Banana leaf sotong and prawn...


Steaming hot claypot curry fish head...


and finally ... the highlight of the evening... the FRIED CHICKEN WINGS! Apparently people travel FAR and WIDE to eat these wings...

Me, i found it a lil hard, and with too much seasoning.. as a result, i couldn't taste the chicken.. just seasoning! I am told it is Nam-Yee seasoning, that's why its strong tasting.. not my fav, but still rather good. (However, if you wanna eat really good fried chicken , my blog on "SUBANG 2.30PM FRIED CHICKEN .. will be coming soon.... look out for it!)


All in all the meal cost us RM80. not bad rite?

Food : 6/10

Service : aiiyo so slow... many, many ppl

Price : Cheap

MSG levels : high

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Jarrod & Rawlins Damansara Heights

So my friend is eager to try out 'the new lenses' from Singapore.. Gawd... why do i have to be the guinea pig.. and at Jarrod & Rawlins as well... such a public place...

since i am no professional at "angling and catching the light with my face"... my friend behind the lens is like yelling out directions and getting more exasperated by the second, at my lack of skill and co-ordination...

like this...

"Don't look at me!"
" Look away!"
" Look natural!"
" OK, eat your food.. angle your fork that way!"
"Don't laugh !"

"Act natural!"

DSC_0003 DSC_0008 DSC_0009 DSC_0005 DSC_0011
DSC_0016 DSC_0022 DSC_0017

"Don't laugh!!!"

Aiiyoh.. how to NOT laugh, when you say DON'T LAUGH??!!

I was ready to stick my head in the dustbin, by the end of the night.

The camera person was ready to throw away the lens.


Anyway, we love J & R - dining and wine bar deli in a prêt à manger style… Pies, cold cuts, salads, cheeses, exotic sandwiches, grilled mushrooms, caviar-topped shrimp, steaks and a host of sausage varieties are the main items on the menu that attract the discerning hungry.


This place is good because you can have good wines and good food and not get charged the earth.. ,

We love this place.. oh yes we do!

MSG levels:low