Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pot Luck

Pehpeh's potluck2
No, no.. these are not Manhunt Malaysia's finalists..

Pehpeh's potluck1

..but rather, part of the hungry MOB at Pey2's Fabulous PotLuck, hosted at Nigel's!


1. FBB and wife - Pear & Ginger and Spinster/Spencer
2. Ciki & Qwazymunky - Charsiew from Paramount Gardens
3. Pey Pey - Chocolates with essential oils
4. Unkaleong & TNG - Roast Duck from Loong Foong
6. La Couple Toy - Meatballs
8. Bangsar Babe - Potato Salad
9. Jonas & Hua - Ma Po Tofu & Cold Szechuan Chicken
10. Allan & Nigel - Asian Pesto Pasta
11. Luscious Lemongrass and Bald Eagle - Ciki's fried chicken from Ah Fatt, accompanied with story (!)
12. Girl from Abu Dhabi -Charsiew
13. Paprika & Hunky - Pomelo Salad with Abalone
14. Hairyberry - Moussaka and pizza
15. Chian Tyng - Siu yoke dunno fr where
16. Cordon bleu chef- Siu yoke fr Wong Kee
17. Su of Delectable - Savoury pastries..
& last but not least,
18. World famous Honey Sparkling Sea Coconut with Lime - The Devil Wears Prada!

Pehpeh's potluck6
Here is the 1/2 way mark, of the makan session. Ciki was too full to move her belly, so Hairberry took these really cool shots of some half consumed dishes, with her camera.

After a quick break, round 2 and round 3 resumed!

Pehpeh's potluck7
How in tarnations did they fit so many people into one house... ?

Pehpeh's potluck9-1
Well... It takes the skill of a few bakers, the cunning of several monkeys, the swift flight of an eagle, the charm of a couple of babes, the prowess of a queen and the fitness of an uncle to do so!

Pehpeh's potluck5

Erm.. Who let the monkeys out?!

PG18 only :P


Lisa said...

Slurp! Mouth watering food variety. Oh, most of them my fav too........

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

thats alot of charsiew and siu yoke on the menu man..

UnkaLeong said...

ROFL...What a pork-a-licious night out! Lovely post :*

thule a.k.a leo said...

potluck!!! my last one was about 4-5 years ago I think...
from the picture... it was a great outings... tonnes of fun, laughter, crazy-ness and *censored* stuff... my kind of party!

Nic (KHKL) said...

really fun lah! u know, i'm still thinking about all the food we had that night. everything was good! and of course, the company of friends was even better. rock on!

backStreetGluttons said...

an almost midnight orgy in KL !
nex time we shall pastry-crash with Amber, Liz & Cheeky

Life for Beginners said...

Such gorgeous, gorgeous people. And uhm, the food looks good too. LOL

P.S. Didn't my lil Devil Wears Prada promised to make his world famous Honey Sparkling Sea Coconut with Lime? He forgot ar?

fatboybakes said...

LFB, he did, thank goodness for that, otherwise there were no other non meat dishes, until way cheng came later with pomelo salad. i was eating the sea coconut as salad.

breadpitt said...

look so much joy;-)

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Ain't nothing like a food bloggers' potluck! ^_^

thenomadGourmand said...

It was a grrrrreaaaaatttttt nite!! ;)

J said...

Oh my, looks like a yummy night in... :)

CUMI & CIKI said...

my bad! he did! he did! blame LL and ciki's bad memory.. we knew we forgot something but cldnt for the life of us remember wot! NOW we remember! updated even as we speak.. ;)

gfad said...

No, no. GFAD did not bring char siu. GFAD brought a bottle of wine and only ate char siu.. :D