Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ah Fatt's Fried Chicken

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This guy's fried chicken is good! It's on the opposite side of Ah Wah's famous hokkien mee off jalan 222. The reason why we ended up here was because the crowd was so insane at Ah Wah's, we refused to wait. Ah Wah's black, shiny, greasy, chee-yar-char ridden Hokkien Mee is by far our favourite but today we were just not in to mood to sit and wait because we were ravenous.

The noodle at Ah Fatt's leaves a lot to be desired (Cumi was not impressed - it lacked taste, wok-hei, flavour.. ) but the fried Chicken (at just RM1.90) per drumstick was amazingly good. Crispy, light, crunchy batter with the must succulent freshly slaughtered chicken (or it sure tasted like it.. biting into it, sweet hot essence squirts out from the bone) on the inside. At that price we could have had THREE drumsticks rather than that awful ONE plate of fried meehoon at RM5 or so.

Next time, go for the chicken!

Ah Fatt, opposite end to Ah Wah,
66, Jln 14/48,
Section 14, Petaling Jaya.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Eurodeli - Run, run, run away!


This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed at home, this little piggy had roast beef,
this little piggy.. became my LUNCH.

Eurodeli for that piggy fix and supposedly authentic European food. What you see in Cumi's background are the famous Swiss-German specialities consisting of over 100 varieties of sausages and ham that are available for you to buy and cook up at home at a later stage. They are also available on the menu.

We paid the Eurodeli in Damansara Kim a visit and found that the outlet that opened in 1997, has recently refurbished. The entrance was full of congratulatory flowers.

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For us, the food here was only just so-so. The Bratwurst was too salty and something as simple as the easy-to-whip-up mash potato lacked the potatoey, buttery creamy finish that I like. The sauerkraut was flat and lacked that fermented, vinegarish, cabbagey kick that is essential in a good sauerkraut.

Another point not in their favour was that the restaurant was so understaffed, 3 separate families came up to the bar counter to complain that they were not being served. Eek! Not good.

Taking the set, my lunch came with coffee (strong and good - needed this after the marathon) and a dessert (lame mousse thingy), all for only RM25.00

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Man, nothing like the first ice cold beer for the day, especially after completing 21K! We deserve it eh? The only thing I can say about the draft beer at Eurodeli is that it is bitingly, stingingly good! Fresh is not the word.

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There u have it folks! The KL Marathon.. what a rush. We will definitely do it again!

*photos of the marathon courtesy of Nigel Skelchy of Kampungkayell

Euro Deli,
41, Jalan SS20/11
Damansara Kim,
47400 PJ, Selangor
Tel: 03-7726 7495

Friday, June 26, 2009

Pick N Brew me a cuppa... quick!

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After lunch one day, moseying around 1utama, we decided to go pay Jackson a visit at Pick n Brew.

We like the laid back, modern feel of this place - each chair is wide and comfy and most convenient for lounging be it internet surfing or just sitting around 'lepaking' with your mates.

For me, I like this place for the good, old, fashioned, high quality coffee that they serve. It's even brewed in a Moka Pot. It doesn't get any more old fashioned than that!

My favourites are the blends as they are nutty yet smooth in flavour and texture, but not so strong that the buzz that comes after, has you clutching at your throbbing head (yar, us old people are more susceptible to the after effects of caffeine la, than you young ones.. if you are scratching your head, wondering what I am talking about:P) We chose the Colombia, Brazil, Kenya - dark, deep and mysterious! At first I thought that that combination of coffee would blast me off the edge of my seat. However, Jackson assured me that my choice would be medium in 'kick', but with a great coffee aroma. Wow! I sure pick well;)

In the words of the man himself regarding Pick N Brew, " This cafe was founded based on the ‘freedom to choose’ concept. Often times we are given more (or less) than what we bargained for. Here, it is all about you. Be your own barista. With five of the finest coffee beans available for your own coffee recipe, the possibilities are endless. Go ahead. Life is about experiencing!" Wa.. so changgih.. surely must try right?!

Be sure to swing by Pick N Brew the next time you need a good old fashioned coffee fix!

Pick N Brew
F233 1st Floor Promenade
One Utama,
Tel: 03-7726 0102
Email: info@picknbrew.com
Web: http://www.picknbrew.com
Opening hours: 10am - 10pm

KL Marathon 2009







xoxo, cumi&ciki

KL Marathon 2009 .. here we come!

* photos taken at 'The Cove' La Jolla, San Diego, CA.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hardly a white elephant - myElephant

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One of the few contemporary Thai restaurants in the PJ vicinity - myElephant, by DooDee is cosy and normally packed to the rafters with young people and families as well. Its strategic location in PJ and free parking is a real bonus that has served myElephant well because eventhough this restaurant is no longer new, it can still pull an evening crowd. Maybe it's the fact that the place is so cramped and short of space, that it looks perpetually full. Great marketing strategy I say!

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Apparently, the Chef, Nikom is Thai. His hometown is Chiang Rai (northern thailand) and this in itself, is a big plus. It's getting harder and harder to find Thai chefs in Thai restaurants these days if you ask me.

I find the Thai food just OK ... Of course I have had better Thai cuizine but the convenience of location/parking (we being PJ folk ourselves) and the the affordable prices at myElephant, makes this place hard to resist for a mid-week, fuss-free, zippy, wholesome Thai dinner.

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My friends, the yuppies who are always rushing around.. they totally agree.. NO? :P

C-G-4 Happy Mansion,
Jalan 17/13, Section 17,
Petaling Jaya,

Transformers II and Nasi Lemak San Peng

Photo courtesy of Empire online

Transformers II The Revenge of the Fallen - Action Packed, a little Cheesy & Sappy in parts. Who cares? It offered up, great, mindless entertainment all the way! We had fun:)

Thank you LL and Bald eagle for organizing the tix!

After the movie, on to San Peng for some nasi lemak. This nasi lemak use to be packed back in the days of yore, but today, even at approximately 9.45pm, it was easy to get a table. The crowd that use to flock to queue for this famous fatty coconut rice had been reduced to half the number of ardent fans, sad to say.

Well, bad for the vendors, good for us, as we did not have too long a wait in front of us. The aunty looked a little sour, so I had to put my point and shoot on stealth mode (i.e. hidden behind the back of the person queuing in front of me)

As this is Chinese nasi lemak, there is no shortage of lard. Pork sausages, Pork Luncheon Meat, Pork this, Pork that.. I filled my plate so high and so fast you could hardly see my Nasi Lemak straining under the weight of the sauces and the meats I had greedily picked for myself.

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The other thing I like best about this nasi lemak is, it allows you to be as creative as you want. It neither hampers nor dampens your initial instinct to be a glutton and as I reach for the kidney, the curry chicken the extra cuttle fish, the massive dollop of steaming sambal - i feel like an artiste let loose to 'paint her plate RED' .

Oh joy!

RM27.00 for the 3 plates you see above which means approximately RM9.00 per plate. Not the cheapest of streetside nasi lemaks but when one looks at the amount of 'stuff' atop the rice, one can hardly complain right?

Cumi decided to go for the good ole fashioned charsiew wantan noodles because he finds the Nasi Lemak San Peng only just so-so. For RM3.50 his plate of 'orange' charsiew and noodles was substantial and in the words of the man himself, "pretty damn good and cheap".

He also ordered the burger from a stall nearby and this was good too. However, priced at RM2.30 it was rather small for its size. The flavour of the patty was good and the sauces and egg a perfect complement to the burger.

All in all a really fun night.

Tomorrow , the final run before the KL Marathon.. Woo-hoo! All systems GO.

Nasi lemak San Peng,
Off Jalan San Peng,
opposite the San Peng flats
(very near tiger jit singh)

Opening hours: 9ish pm till wee hours of the morn

Monday, June 22, 2009

Nirvana-like experience at Nirwana

Part IV to Ciki's Birthday week (and I promise this is the final installment:P)

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FBB: hello Paranoid Android! Good to finally meet you.. I needed to see just WHOM I lost the slogan contest to.. Harrumph... :P
Paranoid Android: Errr well, yes.. it's me. Errrr.. so many bloggers here, I kinda feel overwhelmed.

(Nigel Arrives)

Nigel: See ar, I am sorry I'm late. I had to lift these huge cattle bells LIKE THIS! and LIKE THIS! (Swings arms wildly)

Everyone arrives

FBB: Don't Talk to me! Don't look at me.. faster.. order the FOOD now! And why is this place SO HOT?!! (fbb, clutching his head.. nursing a slight hangover in the noon day heat)

Boo: So grumpy this fbb.. let me talk to someone else..

LL : FBB the grumps.. just ignore him.

Hairy: Hello guys! Ciki, this book is for you.. Happy Birthday!

Paranoid Android: These bunch of looney tunes.. I wonder how I'll stay sane in their company.. hmmm.. nevermind, look busy, act busy.. maybe they'll forget I am here... (skulking low into his banana leaf)

Alilfatmonkey: Hello Paranoid Android! Nice to finally meet you! I am a fan of the Momiji and Dunny and Tokidoki too! I'll let you see mine, if you let me see yours!

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Nasi, nasi, nasi. Color me nasi.

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Nasi for the happy, (nigel)
Nasi for the poor, (ciki)
Nasi for the monkey, (alilfatmonkey)
Nasi for the dour. (fbb!)

We like the banana leaf here! The food is rich, the curries spicy and the deep fried sides and veges and 'nasi' endless in supply. If you liked it , then you should have put a RING on it!.. Oh Oh OH!

In this case, if you liked it, then you should have folded the banana leaf away from you!

Oh, oh, oh...

Sri Nirwana Maju
43, Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru, KL.




___________________ without ________________ .

(Readers entered their submissions and the results were decided by the honorable judge, mum)

pink umbrella underside teal corner-BEST
As promised! The presentation of the Winners with their prizes, Pink Parasols from Robinsons!

I give you...Paranoid Android & Lyrical Lemongrass!

Go enjoy your brollies winners.. or in the words of one FBB...
"I hope it rains!"


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Daikanyama is not a swear word!

PART III to Ciki's Birthday Week

Of course Daikanyama is not a swear word! Aoyama, Omotesando and Daikanyama all share things in common- they are in central Tokyo and have small shopping centers and restaurants, as well as a relaxed atmosphere.

Daikanyama... we saw it walking by Changkat BB the other day en route 21. I also recently read about it on Sean's blog. No wonder it is named as such, because walking into the establishment, one is immediately aware of how relaxed and trendy the place is.

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Anyway, I had been badgering Cumi to check this place out for a week now, and so it was with great surprise when we walked in and saw Bari aka Barricudda! and Edwin, who are both our friends.. what a small world!

Cumi knows Bari from his adventure activities (Bari is an accomplished diver and daredevil.. amongst other things ahem..) and I know Edwin from Hajime. You can see and feel the upbeat tempo and deco of the place from the moment you look at the menu, drawn out to look like the Tokyo subway, to the 'green-lung' in the centre of that cozy bar.

I should call it the 'un-green lung' rather, because that's where the smoking corner is!

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Looking at the menu , we feel rather perplexed as the menu is rather brief. Then Bari informs us that Daikanyama is positioned not as a restaurant but rather as a bar with quick and easy food! It is not a place to bring families and have a long and extended dinner session. It is more a place for a drink to unwind after a hard day's work and for some fuss free, quick, Japanese. On the menu are, Sashimi, Yakitori, Japanese Rolls, Japanese Noodles (cold/hot) and an interesting variety of Japanese fried rice. To get this point across, Daikanyama does not serve Ocha... that's right.. we are not a restaurant.. goddit? :P

Well, if you've been following my birthday week, you will see this was the perfect place for us for dinner that night, because after eating that humongous lunch only hours ago and birthday cake courtesy of fbb, we were still stuffed. (well, cumi was.. me .. i was ready for dinner!)

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The first carafe of Sake was the Toku Toku Non-Bei and the last was the Kasen Ginkan Ozeki. Don't ask me what came in between:P

The Umeshu which Edwin gave us on the house (sweetie!) was the 'Taru' Umeshu which was a premium Umeshu(plum wine) that's stored in Oak barrels for a premium finish. Not too sweet like some other brand of Umeshu for sure.

I love the Maki here. No complaints all these dishes go really well with Sake.

Reading about the battered soft bone (Chicken) on "Eat Drink KL", I just had to have it. Good is not the word! I use to 'whack' all the soft bone out of my Grandma's boiling pot, before she could give it to the dogs. That's why, till today, I have such good enamel. Kids, eat your bones.

Sardine with a not dissimilar feel to that of beef jerky(I call this fish jerky), dipped in the Japanese mayo, also a winner. Don't let my description of the texture put you off - the flavour is smoky and grows on you the more you eat it.

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Chicken gizzard.. tres tres yum!
There's me fighting tooth and nail with my food. My, my .. what strong jaws u have ciki. All mine - cumi would have none of this :P

Many rolls later, we were finally satiated.

We really like this place. It's as cosy as the bars you find in Tokyo proper. We will definitely be back to kick back and unwind to a nice, chilled, shot of sake, knowing that there will be no screaming kids to disturb our Zen.

Thanks Bari and Edwin for a smashing night:)

42, Changkat Bukit Bintang,
50200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel:603 2141 0323

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Having Your Cake and Eating it Too!

PART II to Ciki's Birthday Week

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"Faster, faster.. THAMBY! Are you coming or not... alilfatmonkey is hungry la.. "

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"Go ahead and order first la.. I am 'kambing'... " says LL aka Thamby.

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"Fine! Nom, nom, nom...."
Can you see how much somebody likes his fried mee as well as pizza :P

Cordon Bleu chef talking to cordon yellow.. i.e. guess which one is not a chef, ahem.

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Sooka Sentral, where I had a birthday lunch as well as went to watch Wong Wai Hoong spin his way into the Malaysian Book of Records! Awww, cheers guys (also the ones who could not make it :P)

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Happy Birthday to Me:)
Thank u Mr Fatboybakes for a really cool cake. (And thank you for sticking only ONE candle in the cake.. ahem!
Apparently he slapped together this gorgeous cake at the 11th hour, due to being swamped by an insane amount of orders throughout the week, but Cordon Bleu chef said.. "well, isn't that the best sorta cake?!")

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Look at my presents. People will think i am FIVE !
(Who cares.. i heart Momiji AND Tokidoki!)

Gorgeous Red velvet..

Red velvet.. on your birthday...

Makes you feel like a princess.. because.. ,
it's like Having your cake and Eating it Too :D

Chili Espresso,
G-5, Sooka Sentral,
50470 Kuala Lumpur
Contact : 03-2785 1938

Other putlet:
Unit B-G-5, Ground Floor
North Point, Mid Valley City
No. 1, Medan Syed Putra Utara
59200 Kuala Lumpur
Contact : 032282 6113