Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sentosa Island

Welcome to Sentosa Island... ! Chillout place of the rich and famous..

haha... ok... maybe not ALL the rich and famous... but certainly hangout place of the cool and the connected... !

Sentosa is most famous for its Zouk-Out parties... and the latest addition, set to be completed in a couple of years .. is... the GENTING CASINO! The site is still a work in progress but my Singaporean mates tell me that it will be a sight to behold once it is done!

Anyway, my all time favourite place here is Cafe Del Mar...
The only way to enjoy the surroundings is with good friends, good food.. and a glass of champagne...

Did I say GOOD FOOD??!!!

and summore champagne...

And LOADS more champagne ! lol

Pick your spot on the deck.. and never, ever move....
erm.. move only to get sun on your back or to refill your glass :)


Chat and chat till the sun goes down !


Julian Si said...

Wow, a side to Sentosa I have never seen ... always thought it was more like a FAMILY getaway!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wat is better then good food n good alcohol and of course the sun n setting..nice....

team bsg said...

looks like a super groovy kind of exciting place alright , sand , sun , crazinos etc and loads of biting champagne
V r coming too..wait wait !