Tuesday, March 18, 2008


So.. one of our friends decides that he wants to take us to OLD KLANG RD for japanese....

huh? we scratched our heads.. there's jap at OKR?

Hah! There really is! It's called Xenri and it's in this secluded part of Old Klang Road (near the old PRIME college for those of you who are old enough to know where that is... ;P )

Its pretty quaint... overlooks the river (eek!) and has outdoor seating as well... perfect for a romantic tête à tête by.. a.. river (?) :P

well.. here was what we had...
the beef carpaccio was good.. but a lil tough on the seared outside part of it..

the sushi and the garlic rice was not bad...

the beef teppanyaki was not bad either...

This place has been around a pretty long time.. 5 years?... but it still is a cute lil place... totally out of the limelight... we recommend it, if you want a quiet, different dining getaway, not too far from the city :)

Address : Xenri, G Flr Elken Building , Old Klang Rd

Food :5/10
MSG levels: moderate
Price: average

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boo_licious said...

Heard abt this place but I didn't know it faced a river. Weird to associate OKR with Japanese as it's more of a street food area.