Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I came, I saw, I macaroned...

It was so dainty. So cute. But it was so bloody technical and taxing on my chubby fingers that I will probably never make another Macaron again! The only reason I was there, at The Cooking House, was because of the free voucher I got from the My Nourishment Magazine launch a couple of months back.

The cute French teacher said in her sexy French accent " add a gram too many or too little.. and you can just say goodbye to your Macaron. Same goes for the temperature. "
That's comforting! Sheesh.. so damn precise.. Can someone just tell me.. precisely when may I eat the Macaron..?

The teacher also said.. it's a labour of love. only make the Macaron for someone you love. (Huh.. I can't think of anyone I love that much...)

But really, if not for the cajoling and encouragement from my good friend fbb (baker extraordinaire) and Ryan Khang (25 year old chef extraordinaire), I would have never gone for the class in the 1st place. So.. enjoy the "slaving over tiny french pastry dessert" photos! This is my labour of love!


Oh, and believe it or not, the teacher said I had a pretty OK technique.. :P
See.. near perfect semi-spheres.. no?

_____ cooking class 060-1
Not bad huh? Well, did I enjoy my first class? Of course! Tremendously actually, because of the great company, the excellent teacher and my new found friends.

Would I go for another baking class..? Erm yes.., but probably only as food-taster;)

Photos courtesy of my gorgeous and talented Japanese friend, Yasuyo, on my left(who incidentally has an excellent food blog called "Que sera sera Deco's Diary") and the handsome dude on my right is an energetic, talented guy, studying to be a Chef.



fatboybakes said...

HAHAHA, what a lurverly post. i previously wasnt a macaron fan, but natalie's macarons were really top notch. actually, my memory must be failing me, i was looking thru my notes from the baking workshop at HTC, under Jean Francois, and he did teach us how to make lemon macarons. same method.

jasmine said...

i love macarons... but maybe not enough to attempt to make them myself. lol. great job!

Selba said...

Wow! Good job!

Would love to try it :D

Julian Si said...

I am sure you can think of one you love so much!!

Wah what delicious piccies, I tried to leave a comment on YASUYO's blog, but couldn't decipher the language ... Please let her know, "BRAVO!"

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

You love me, dontcha? DONTCHA???

CUMI & CIKI said...

maybe the lovely french LADY teacher made a bigger impression huh:P

TQ! ya la.. my only claim to baking fame.. but don't ask me to reproduce.. sure LEMAS one..

yup yup!

of course la.. just being a drama queen! hahahaha.. but really, it's tough la.. no joke:P
yasuyo is japanese la.. so her blog should be in characters la.. joker.. that's why u cant read it! but don't you think her photos are amazing?!

hahaha.. plonk.. my EXACT SENTIMENTS!

ToyBoy & ToyGirl said...

Wah, ada standard ah!

mimid3vils said...

Never have macaron b4, can bake 1 for me? HEHE ^.^

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

chubby fingers? oh dear god, i dunno how you want to describe mine..

Anonymous said...

macarons are so labor-intensive, but seriously I think the results are WORTH it. there was a macaron-craze in the US for awhile, where they came up with all these funky flavors from white truffles to hibiscus. I've always wanted to try the green tea one.
that teacher of yours sounds so enthusiastic and passionate! I would love to have that kind of cooking teacher.
btw, your macarons look perfect to me :-) would you ever make them again at home?

thenomadGourmand said...

macaroons are really sweet right? (or at least the ones i had from BBO's)

Life for Beginners said...

"Can someone just tell me.. precisely when may I eat the Macaron..?"

Hehe, that's what I think whenever I find myself in a cooking class or demonstration too! I love how honest you are in your posts, be it a restaurant review or a foodie article. :)

jencooks said...

You look as French as your teacher ! It's a dream to do baking but not my forte.

CUMI & CIKI said...


bake ONE? try 50 minimum..lol

erm manly fingers? haha

lol.. thx for stopping by. erm, would i? probably not.. too much werk ler

yea sweet, but eventhough I don't have a sweet tooth, it's still really good after a day or two in the fridge. It looses its gooey-ness and becomes soft and gorgeous! lol

haha.. yes! all the time rite?!

really? me french? wa... haha.. so dark. .summore slitty eyes, how to be french ..?!

ling239 said...

so i guess it is not worth the effort after all ? >.<"
then we just go buy and eat lar k ? hahahaaa....^^

CUMI & CIKI said...

well, some say no.. some say yes. depends if you have passion for baking i suppose. Like ME, i'd rather just EAT:P

Jason said...

I want some, pls pls? *puppy eye*