Friday, June 27, 2008

oui, oui.. c'est moi..


Come and have home cooked meals!! Says the ad.

Char Choy and Pork rice (RM5.80), Kampong nasi lemak with chicken rendang and sambal prawns (RM5.80), Mother's special curry laksa (RM4.80), Yee Tao Mai (fish head noodles RM7.80), fried chicken wings, pan mee (RM4.80), hakka mee(RM4.80) etc..etc..

The list is endless, and the place is furnished like some cute, 'chinezy' cafe, what with the trendy english magazines, the flat screen TV, the contemporary furniture but the 100% chinese menu... However, the best attraction I would have to say, would be the OH SO affordable prices, in a comfortable, contemporary if not slightly spartan, setting. (what's better than good food huh? Good, affordable food! lol.. i am a sucker for the bargain)

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DSC07910 DSC07912

Kids love this place. Working adults love this place. Famished, "lazy to cook" female adults with un-fussy husbands love this place.. ;P (oui, oui.. c’est moi.. haha)


We tried the Tong sui here and found the portions to be generous and the taste good. Water chestnut with fungus and red dates at only RM2.20. Same goes for the Gingko Barley.

The Fish head noodles really impressed me. It was HUGE. 6 big hunks of fish (minus the bones).. and delicious soup. More "Ham Choy" would have been great though, but at RM7.80 one cannot complain. Real value for money!

You can ask for "Pan mee" in your curry laksa if you like. We found the texture of the pan mee perfectly chewy and the soup had kick. Not bad at all.. at RM4.80 this really filled us up to.


The Hakka Mee at RM4.80


The Char Choy dish plus the Braised Pork (minus the rice) was only RM4.80. The braised pork was soft and succulent, with just the right ratio of fat to lean meat. Incredibly tasty.


Pan Mee at RM4.80. The man happily scoffed up his pan mee noodles to the latest boy magazine :P


The homemade minced pork balls that accompany the pan mee were a nice finishing touch to the meal.

All in all a zippy, no-fuss meal. A nice answer to the mundane question, "So where/what shall we eat tonight babe.. and don't say anything/up2u... !?"


Home Recipe,

No.57, Jalan 21/12,

Taman Sea, PJ

( General directions :Coming from PJ ss2, At KFC Sea Park traffic lights, turn left. It's the row of shops on your left facing the link houses on the main road)


Lyrical Lemongrass said...

And they always claim that there are interesting articles in there. Even the foreign language ones where they don't speak the language.

Very reasonably priced food, I must say. Thanks for the directions..I think I can figure it out.

mimid3vils said...

great food with affordable price!!!

Tummythoz said...

After another smoky kitchen episode .."Phitoy, told you we should had moved to Peejay!"

Nic (KHKL) said...

men magazines provide the best jokes! definitely!

and none of those "10 questions" thingies...*shudders*..haha!

CUMI & CIKI said...

lyrical lemongrass:
ya lar.. ogling the pix more like.. harhar

uh huh


best jokes... yar rite.. puhleeze refer to my comment to lyrical lemongrass.. :P

Criz Lai said...

Cool place and the price is not so expensive after all if in KL/PJ area.

backstreetgluttons said...

that is a lot of food and books. tho the signboard looks suspiciously like a hiphop furnishing/furnitre shop. must be set up by one of those just came from 3.3 years in the UK one

J2Kfm said...

char choy's one of the most under-rated vegetable dish ever.
very few restaurants serve them. but my grandma cooks one of the best. :)

the soft pork meat looks lovely. how nice if I can get a tour guide around KL area for food. (hint, hint. ;P)

Big Boys Oven said...

this place looks awesome for a quiet and relaxing weekend to have lunch or dinner!

CUMI & CIKI said...

now, what with escalating costs of EVERYTHING.. cheap is indeed good! ;)


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