Sunday, January 27, 2008

SUNRISE.. wake-up... time to EAT !

THAT'S the sound of PAPER THIN, CRISPY DUCK SKIN... leaving a smoke trail.... en route to MOUTH !!!

I love Sunrise, Sea Park PJ! It's my favourite PJ duck place. (Ranks second only to the PUDU duck place (look under duck index)).

This place is ARCHAIC. Nonetheless, this place is still SOOOOOOOOOO popular with the PJ folk.. you would not believe... only 11.45am and already packed to the gills...

Gorgeous, succulent, crispy, MELT IN YOUR MOUTH DUCK. I think the thing i like most about the Sunrise Duck is that the LAYER OF FAT between the MEAT and the SKIN... is virtually...
...NON-EXISTENT! Honest .. they just CUT TO THE CHASE and give you 100% crispy skin! KILLER!
(If you don't believe me, just scroll up and take another look at the pictures! Real or not?)

Most people eat their duck this way.. .with the VEGE.. so they don't leave feeling guilty as SIN that they ate SO MUCH RED MEAT AND ANIMAL FAT in one sitting.. hahaha:D

Me... I don't really care... I am here for my SKIN fix... none of that healthy vege business thanks ... :P

Food : 7/10
Price : RM42 for whole ducky... RM21.50 for half a ducky
Service : pretty fast
MSG : nil


Donald said...

Tks for reminder - will get for this year's reunion dinner!

flo said...

man.. tt luks crispy! makin mah mouth water

Anonymous said...

where is this shop?

mary-ann said...

i use to go to school with the boss' daughter! she is now the "see-fu", she chops the duck! very cool

cumidanciki said...

the shop is in sea-park, pj. opposite the kfc on the corner. its down that slope it faces.