Monday, January 14, 2008

Soon Fatt Bao and Funny Mountain Tau Fu Fa, Ipoh

A Brief intermission to talk about my 2 other favourite SNACKS in Ipoh... The FAMOUS BAO! and the FAMOUS TAU FU FA!

First the BAO (Dumpling).

This is the place we normally tapau our BAO - Soon Fatt.
My aunt says.. just say Soon Fatt Bao - everyone knows la !

OK, ok, ... so Soon Fatt Bao! The yummiest!

Interesting looking Bao contraption to keep Bao warm and fluffy.

The Sang-Yok Bao (Chunky Pork Meat Bao) is what my Grandpa likes best. It tastes really good! Here it is!

Nice , perky Soon Fatt Bao!

NEXT... THE TAU FU FA (Soya Bean Curd).
This place is really cute! It's almost like a drive-through.

You can't eat at the shop... there's no space to sit.

Funny Mountain Tau Fu Far is just a hole in the wall...

You either eat your Tau Fu Far in the car... or... u take it home.. !

Ain't that cute?

Snack : 7/10
MSG levels : NIL

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