Friday, January 25, 2008

Mezza Notte , at midnight .

When you walk into Mezza Notte... the first word that comes to mind is OPULENT. Gilded dining rooms, garish lighting and loud colours assault the senses. If I didn't know better, i would say it was bordering on gaudy.

Nevertheless.. we've heard good, good things... about Mezza Notte, so we were looking forward to our supper.

Let's see... for a supposedly chi-chi italian restaurant.. the bread was pretty average. Nothing to shout about in taste.. so I have nothing to say about that..

The grilled lamb with mushrooms was TOUGH like you would not BELIEVE... How do i look even remotely LADY-LIKE eating this thing... I felt ABOUT as sexy and lady-like as SPARTACUS taking a lion by the teeth and wrestling it to the ground.
Not good.

Not sexy.

The baked lobster was MINISCULE ... not bad if you are Lara Flynn Boyle... or on a diet... (or Lara Flynn Boyle on a diet :P) but definitely not enough to QUELL the rage in your average strapping bloke's stomach... i tell ya...

Finally... enter PASTA.

The CRAB pasta was soggy and limp... The crab looked like it had been BATTERED TO DEATH ( PUN INTENDED!!! hahaha ) ... The person who ordered this meal was so distraught he tried to breathe some life back into his dying meal...

.. to no avail !

The meal was a disaster.

We had to cheer ourselves up by partying the night away at the MANSION... and that, we did, ... see?!!

Food : 2/10
MSG levels : low
Price : high
Party : 20/10 !!!

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