Monday, January 21, 2008

Just so-so at Just Thai

We used to love Just Thai! It used to be JUST wonderful value for money!
2 people could eat a massive set for just RM49.90. Really.

Too bad that we found the food to be JUST SO-SO this January 2008 :(

Though the PAD-THAI looked perfectly, gorgeously laid out and all...

AND... the Taugeh looked crunchy and plump...

my colleague said that the pad-thai tasted like maggie mee goreng mamak, tambah sos tomato ! eek! very bad!

After that , it was just downhill with every dish. The sotong was rubbery and weird smelling..

And the fish was like pulverised chalk in batter..

... the Money-Bags were literally empty.. i.e. HOLLOW !

The green vege was not bad.. but the served up portion was like for ONE person... very small !


Hmmm... then....

Finally... the only dish worth blogging about arrived!


Ah... the TOM-YAM at Just Thai totally KNOCKS YOUR SOCKS OFF!
IT's damn bloody HOT! And prawny.. and fishy.. and Zingy !

If nothing else.. i came for this dish!
It is tres tres yum...

supa-dupa spicy... l LOVE it :)

Dessert was fine... but I doubt i will EVER eat here again... unless I am desperate for TOM YAM that is... and even then.. I'd have to think twice.
( i.e. if I am BROKE and my friend insist on BELANJA-ing me at Just Thai.. and even then I will kick them for being so tasteless and mean to me.. ! hahaha!)

Oh... and the icing on the cake, by the way....

what we realised 3 hours later, after that meal, was that we were SUPER DUPER thirsty!
Too much MSG.. i tell ya... :(

Food : 2/10
Portions : 2/10
MSG levels : SKY high!
Price : average

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TY Lover said...

I simply have to go try the Tom Yam now.