Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Cumi recently picked up a relatively flat looking packet of Kimchi at the The Malaysia Food and Beverage Fair at KL Convention Center. It says on the label that the Kimchi continues to ferment throughout the course of its shelf -life and the gases will expand the packaging, but two days ago, we noticed just how much.

What will happen if we continue to let it sit? Does anyone know? At this moment it looks pretty close to exploding!


qwazymonkey said...

You've got a kimchi-bomb in yer hands! But does that also mean that one lets of just as much gas after eating em kimchi?

Selba said...

Let it sit.. let it sit.... I wonder what's going to happen, hehehe... :D

foodbin said...

i don't think it will explode-try cooking with pork belly.

CUMI & CIKI said...

farting machine.. don't even ASK!

if it explodes i will send u the kitchen cleaning bill! haha

LOL, how optimistic.. hmmm, you may be right..