Friday, September 4, 2009

Snow Ice Dessert, Bubble Tea and Taman Connaught Night Market(Pasar Malam)

Bubble tea or pearl milk tea is not normally my favourite sort of drink because, 1. it contains milk, 2. it's damn sweet 3. the 'pearls' fill me up so I don't have anymore space to enjoy my food, and 4. the coloring is just bizarre. Cumi likes it because for starters, he loves milk, and he thinks this tea beverage shaken (not stirred) with a cocktail shaker to produce bubbles and then served cold, is really cool. (CUMI: I don't really like bubble tea)

Here's his blue champagne bubble tea. Just look at that shade of blue. It tastes nothing like champagne. Lovely.


This corner coffee shop, somewhere in Cheras (across the street from the night market) serves pretty OK Sah Hor Fun - not as good as Ipoh of course but they give you damn a lot of LIAO for just RM4.50.

Cumi likes the asam laksa here. The huge chunks of fish bits are still intact (minus the bones) which is a sure sign of a good bowl of assam laksa.

Hmmmm... assam laksa and fluorescent blue bubble tea doing the Tango... how appealing. Thank God I don't have x-ray vision that can see through his body and into his GUT. Yarks!

Later, we go to the might market to burn off all that Blue Dye.

Needless to say, it kind of defeated the purpose because we ended up eating more rubbish e.g... Angku, Fried chicken, Egg Pancake and Mochi.

Cheras Night Market-1

This was the coolest item we sampled that night.
The Snow Ice.

I like the fact that the snow-icer looks rather retro and that the ice comes in cute, compact, cylindrical blocks of Orange (mango), Brown(Chocolate) and Red(Strawberry).
The taste is really intense and the fruitiness comes shining through.

Cheras Night Market1-1
Each bite is a refreshingly smooth treat of flavour!
We met some cool Iranian chicks, who were just breaking fast. Apparently snow ice is a great way to do just that. We had the mango and they had the watermelon flavour. Suggest you share the bowl.. its huge for one person!

Hmmm.. I really need to find out where this night market will be tomorrow night.. With so many varieties of food to choose from, next time we will just skip dinner and eat here instead;)


thule a.k.a leo said...

which night market??? Connaught or Segar???
the Snow Ice is everywhere nowadays... there's one in Subang, Puchong and even Uptown...

Lianne said...

night market´s get to get impromtu even after a big meal lol i like the ones in SS2 on Monday, big and offer enough variety but can sometimes be too cramped up.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

the snow ice looks cool..

yeah which market is this har? on top of leo list, got yu lek and tmn midah too..

Sean said...

yeah, i steer clear of bubble tea too. am already destined to get diabetes sooner or later, so don't wanna hasten it. luckily i don't really have a sweet tooth :D
the assam laksa looks alluring!

J said...

Wah, the snow ice looks good - just the ticket to help cool down after a spicy bowl of assam laksa. :)

allie said...

mango snow ice! I want that! The ice looks so smooth and soft!

550ml jar of faith said...

Mango & ice is a perfect treat to cap every meal! I agree, the icer is retro-cool! I want one of those for my future home!

qwazymonkey said...

that's a scary blue! I'll turn into a smurf instantly. *shivers at that thought*

thenomadGourmand said...

Haha..they are sellin the franchise too right? Last time i went got numbers pasted on their banners.

i see tht Cumi is stil a small boy at heart! ;p

ps: the word verification below tis comment box is "cold" LOL!

Paranoid Android said...

Wow! Lovely Viagra Blue... You guys sure it's champagne? Ha ha... Address please!

WanGirlGirl said...

yeahhhhhh....Mango snowy ice....i like it too....

Shell (貝殼) said...

A good time to have some cold sweet ice~~

CUMI & CIKI said...

connaught.. cu there!

weather's been good of late .. i know what you mean.. i hate smelling other people's sweat ! haha (mine ok la)

really ar? the way you eat, it's hard to tell!

agree. it's really not what i expected - i thought it would just taste icy but it was really rather smooth.. like cream!

yes it is!

get one today!

tra la la la la.. sez smurfette!

i guess so!

no trace of champagne taste even la.. taste more like bubble gum! u want address of the blue bubbles or the snow ice:P

good to know! lol

yea.. walking round night market can be hard work!