Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jiann Chyi Seafood Restaurant Sekinchan

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Sekinchan.. scenic paddy fields and delicious seafood - just a stone's throw for KL.

Read about our past seafood experience at Guan Seng Loong here.

This time Jiann Chyi was on our list of must eats!

Talk about right choice of restaurant. The food was fantastic - even better than Guan Seng Loong.
The house specialty, the Chili fried prawns was delicious. Full of pungent garlic aroma and the freshest of prawn heightened by the spicy chili brought tears to my eyes. I loved the fact that the prawns were shelled and minced up for you. The small bite sizes absorbed the flavours even more effectively.

Shark meat soup.
(Please note that no shark suffered for this dish - we double checked that only WHOLE fish were caught and used in the right way! No shark's fin in this soup. Also, these are not endangered shark - they are shark bred for meat).

Shark meat shallow fried in spring onions, coriander and the pig's intestine afloat in some thick, dark, slippery sauce . Words cannot describe how fatteningly delicious this dish is.


Driving around the predominantly chinese fishing village of Sekinchan.

We were late getting here today, so no fishermen/middle men in action.

Only signs of movement was the flag, billowing in the wind.

Sekinchan Seafood
The lazy journey back home is always made more cheerful with snacks bought from the keropok man outside the fishing village.
Yam keropok.
Purple, crunchy, aromatic yam keropok is just the thing to bring back for movie night!

Jiann Chyi Restaurant,
No.156, Jln Bagan Sekinchan,
Sekinchan 45400.
Tel: 603 - 3241 4690

Service:7/10 (fast)
MSG levels: moderate


Nic (KHKL) said...

yeah, the post brought tears to my eyes also. cos such yummy pics and scenery! and yam keropok!

woah, so the politically korek one on the sharks..hehe. the shark on your plate couldnt hv been nemo's friend, hor? hehehehehe...

~Christine~Leng said...

i've herd so much about Sekinchan seafood being cheap! and fresh too! Thanks for reminding! We shall plan a trip there! yay!

Sean said...

wow! assume that they breed small sharks, and not the killer shark movie ones? how did it taste?
that keropok looks artificially dyed! or is that what the natural colour of yam is?
and i have to say, if i threw a stone, it wouldn't reach sekinchan! not even segambut...

Anonymous said...

good thing bout de-shelled prawns is ... it leaves you with so much more time to dig and enjoy the other dishes. hahahah ...

and i'm equally addicted to sweet potato crackers, both orange and purple varieties. there's a stall in pasar malam here that sells VERY tasty keropok ubi.

foodbin said...

missed those yam keropok-would like to try the sharkmeat soup-was it fishy?

Paranoid Android said...

OH yar! Looking at this makes me feel super hungry already. The Prawns looks absolutely delectable, a bit iffy about shark meat though. Been to Sekinchan many many years ago and the time looks ripe for a re-visit.

No attitude problem from the waitress this time I presume? He he...

Yin said... looks really really good! How long is the drive out there?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

yummm can imagine how sweet the shark meat soup is..

CUMI & CIKI said...

ru getting soft in the middle. like dat also can cry one ar?! please don't scare the kids saying it's nemo friend la:P


taste like tasteless fish. tougher than fish texture too.

keropok addict!! hehe

not fishy. just sweet.

hah, actually a bit of attitude at first. she NO SPEAK CANTONESE.
then we said, "erm, do u speak english?" - then all of a sudden she spoke brilliant English!

Pureglutton said...

Wahahah... i like the brilliant Engrish-speaking waitress wor! That alone is good reason to go visit this place :P

Borneoboy said...

Wow ! The seafood looks great. How to get there ?

CUMI & CIKI said...

not so long.. hour & half depending how fast u drive.. haha.


yar man.. LOL. must be back on vacation/studies.

email2me said...

Your post make me miss my fresh water prawn ..... =.=||

thule a.k.a leo said...

"Sekinchan.. scenic paddy fields and delicious seafood - just a stone's throw for KL."
What? a stone's throw??? I really gotta know your definition of the above phrase... lol!!!
Weekend makan at outskirts... interesting!!!

Gratitude said...

Yikes! why so few dishes only? where are the crabs, the mantis prawns and the catfish?

550ml jar of faith @minchow said...

Have tried shark meat once and it was not a pleasant experience, swore of it!! But with pigs' intestine, might be a different experience altogther! Hv fun in Taipei ya!

Life for Beginners said...

I like how you even did research on the background of the sharkmeat soup to ensure no animal cruelty was involved.

*salut, salut* :)

CUMI & CIKI said...

just drive along coastal road till u get to sekinchan. there is only one main road in that town. It's along that road!


when you have no kids, footloose and fancy free like C&C, everything is a stones throw la. haha:P

overate la the day before, haha



fbb said...

next time can u please call us along for these boondock adventures....

CUMI & CIKI said...

ok mr fatboy. watevah u ask, mr fatboy..